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Jill and Rich: Blog

Is it my imagination, or is there a subtle drop in humidity and temperature in the early mornings? Not so much? Well schools are back in session, and I see pumpkin spice everything, everywhere, so it must be Fall in South Florida. It makes me want to cook thick stews, buy a pair of totally unnecessary boots, and chat about Halloween costume ideas.
Another reason I’m feeling that change is in the air is the Legends Radio season kick-off concert/celebration held on Sept. 9th at The Maltz Jupiter Theater. I could write pages about the genius of Ann Hampton Callaway’s world-class performance that night. Suffice it to say that she gave everything in her loving tribute to Sarah Vaughan, demonstrating that the Great American Songbook is alive and well and in the most brilliant hands. The Our Love is Here To Stay sing-a-long Ann led when making her entrance at the after-party was the evening’s icing on the cake.
“Life-changing” and “magical” [...]
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So I think this radio gig is gonna stick. Five months in, and the terror of doing something we’ve never done before--producing and hosting a LIVE show five mornings a week--has subsided, and we’re starting to experience some hugely rewarding moments. 
There have been those days when the music and the content and the listener phone calls and our patter just flow as if we actually know what the heck we’re doing. There’s the new-found ability to laugh it off when all of those elements go totally and ridiculously wrong. Maybe you caught it last week when Andy Williams’ It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year began blaring from my laptop (I forgot to mute after doing some very important research for the show!) as I was talking over the ramp of the scheduled song, and Rich was so alarmed and confused not knowing where the holiday music was coming from, he just turned everything off on the board for a few seconds. Yep, that happened, and instead [...]
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Greetings from the Morning Lounge with Jill and Rich! 
What an amazing and terrifying adventure (aren’t those the best kind?) joining the Legends Radio team as on-air personalities. Now that we’ve caught our breath a bit, a blog seems like a fun way to share the behind-the-scenes ride... So come on, hop in!
It’s been an eventful week:  We moved into the gorgeous, brand-spankin’-new Legends 100.3 studio; gave away lots of movie tickets for The Jersey Boys VIP viewing on the 26th; hosted the 2nd annual Palm Beach County Band Camps fundraiser at BB Kings where we swang (past tense of “swing”?) with one of the swinginest (a word?) drummers EVER, Duffy Jackson; and dealt with the fallout of having our car stolen right out of our driveway last week. 
There’s no denying that being the victim of grand theft auto is at first shocking, then majorly inconvenient, and finally hard on the wallet. But here’s the silver [...]
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